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Vision Without Glasses

Vision Without Glasses 
It is a digital book that will show you how to improve your vision naturally.It is a complete natural improvement programme for people suffering from poor vision

Dr William Bates 

Dr. William Bates spend years studying vision problems. He attended and graduated from Cornell University and became a teacher and researcher of ophthalmology in the New York area. Bates created many vision improvement methods and believed that anyone can see without glasses. His methods were developed teach the eyes ways to improve and heal themselves.
The Bates Method was developed to help school age children absorb more knowledge without straining their eyes. Dr. Bates learned that most bad habits and eye problems begin in school age children. Children have a natural curiosity to learn new things. However, when material is constantly shoved down their throats and they are forced to memorize tons of uninteresting information, the mind gets tired and the eyes start to strain.
Likewise, looking at new information causes the eyes to strain in order to commit it to memory. All day, every day children are forced to absorb new material, whether it interests them or not. They are not given a chance to allow the eyes to relax or take a break. This is where the Bates Method comes in.
Bates’ Method is actually quite simple. He created a large chart full of common shapes and letters. The chart was placed on the wall in the front of the classroom and the children were encouraged to look over at the chart whenever they felt overwhelmed. Even looking at the chart for three minutes a day, takes the strain away from the eyes.
The Bates Method was implemented in a few schools and the teachers noticed a vast improvement in concentration and progress. The eyes were able to relax and the strain was removed. Unfortunately, the school board felt the method was too distracting and the method is no longer in practice. In fact, China is the only country that teaches students vision training.
The Bates Method can be used by just about anyone though. You could create your own chart and place it in your office. Glance at the card several times during the day to keep the eyes relaxed and alleviated the strain on the eyes. Training your eyes to relax will help improve vision today and for the rest of your life.

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Vision Without Glasses

Bimla Devi, EzineArticles Basic Author Improving Your Vision - A New Way of Learning

The worst thing we can do to our eyes is strain them. Too much mental strain and focus can actually harm our eyesight and cause the eyes permanent damage. Bad habits start from childhood, especially once school starts. These bad habits carry over into adulthood and cause damage to the eyes. Most of eye problems and ailments are simply caused by the bad habits learned in our youth.

Children’s Natural Curiosity To Learn New Things

Ask any kindergartener or first grader if they are excited for school and they will almost always say yes with genuine enthusiasm. Ask the same question of a junior high or high school student and they will moan at the thought of going back to school for another year. 

Why the huge difference between the two? School is too disciplined and children are forced to spend hours each day learning and memorizing things that don’t interest them. Any subject that is uninteresting causes more concentration and the eyes to strain through. Not every person enjoys the same subjects, yet all children are forced to memorize and learn things in an uninteresting way.

Placing Too Much Strain Upon The Eyes

The eyes strain when forced to concentrate on images that don’t interest us. Like numbers on an analytical report for work isn’t going to interest all the employees, mathematics, science, and English won’t interest every student. This doesn’t mean that have a well-rounded education should be thrown out the window. It simply means there needs to be a change in how children are educated.

The Bates Method was discovered by Dr. William Bates, a famous eye doctor. In his method, Dr. Bates put together a large, poster-sized card covered in common shapes and letters familiar to most school age children. The card was hung at the front on the classroom and offered the students something to look at when they were feeling tired or overwhelmed. The purpose of the card was to give the children a chance to relax their eyes. Looking at new material puts strain on the eyes, but familiar objects allow the eyes to relax.

Teaching children not to strain their eyes from a young age will help keep their vision sharp for years to follow. 


Vision Without Glasses

How to Improve Eyesight – Get Rid of Your Glasses Once and For All

Today’s society breeds the quick fix ethos and  with the matter on how to improve eyesight, there is no difference.  People  will pay huge sums of money in the form of laser eye surgery without any guarantees that the route taken  will  be successful.  Would you like to improve eyesight naturally, that involves no surgery, is pain free and will improve  your vision, if so then please read on.

Your eyes are like any other muscle within your body and like any other muscle you will lose if you don’t use them. This can be easily demonstrated.  Have you ever had your leg or arm in a cast, felt the tightness of it around your skin only to have the tight cast become loose within a week or so.  This is disue atrophy of the muscle, essentially what happens to your body if you don’t actively use your muscles. 

Your eyes, like any other muscle, are no different.    Long periods  sat in front of a computer or television screen have made our eyes lazy and weak and with it have come the prevailing problems  and complications of bad eyesight.

Like many millions of people each morning we firstly will reach out and put  our glasses on, the day will not start without this unconscious formality taking place. The next lazy option are contact lenses, but again you are not letting your eyes work naturally.  By using contact lenses you are making your eyes lazy.  Trips to the opticians  become more frequent and your lenses and glass prescriptions will keep getting stronger.

Contact lenses rest directly on the eye and cover the entire cornea thereby decreasing the amount of oxygen that reaches your eyes, however a good oxygen supply is essential for keeping your eyes healthy.   They may also increase the risk of eye damage due to bacteria and other infection causing agents that can accumulate on them.
However, like any other muscle not only can you improve your eyes you can also improve your vision in the process.

Almost all eye problems are due to strain and stress that are put on them, improve eyesight naturally be learning how to relax the eyes and the eye muscles and avoid vision problems now and in the future.

One method is to focus on pleasant things such as photographs that bring with them happy memories.
It is a good idea to place  these where you work, especially by any computer screens. When you inadvertently become frustrated and stressed at work these pictures they will help you to divert your concentration from the demanding things which places undue stress on your eyes, to more  relaxing and calming things, taking  the stress off your eyes in the process.

Another way to help relax eyes is practice relaxing them last thing at night.  Simply close your eyes and cover them with your blanket. Allow your mind to drift to pleasant things that bring happy memories,  a person perhaps or a place or destination, anything that makes you feel good.   Filling your mind with happy thoughts will help to relax your tired eyes enabling them to become softer, taking off any undue strain being placed on them.

Just like when any part of our body hurts and gives out signals, your back begins to ache, your arms  get tired, these signals tell us to relax, sit down or just take a break, the eyes are no different. When your head hurts your eyes may burn a little, they may start to twitch, these too are signs telling us we need to relax our eyes.

Billions are spent each year on advertisements on correction eye procedures, expensive designer glasses, state of art contact lenses but  how much is spent on educating us on how we can simply but effectively improve eyesight naturally?  Instead of trying to help us improve eyesight permanently  they would  rather you come to them than you treat yourself successfully.

Without the aid of glasses and expensive treatments that may or may not work discover how to improve eyesight naturally and effectively 


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